65% Increase in Online Payments

20% Increase
in Workforce Efficiency

665 units
Managed Seamlessly

65% Instant Payments
Received Online

10X Faster
Ticket Resolution

“We were trying to build our own tool to tackle the operational challenges, that is when we came across TheHouseMonk. It has everything we were looking for. We feel that TheHouseMonk is the perfect tech partner for us”

Karthik Reddy

Co-Founder & CEO
Tikaana Coliving

About Tikaana

Tikaana is an initiative started by IIM grads and serial entrepreneurs with a passion to bring about a seismic shift in the way people live in coliving spaces. A team of passionate individuals who have dedicated themselves to creating first-class accommodations. Apart from providing fully furnished spaces, they also focus on community building. 

Tikaana also provides a tech platform for finding coliving spaces in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. They will soon be expanding their network and setting up spaces in Chennai, Pune, and New Delhi.

The Challenge

  • Before TheHouseMonk, Tikaana faced lots of operational challenges. They needed a versatile software that could help them overcome their shortcomings.
  • They struggled with maintaining records of their rent receipts.
  • Tickets were not resolved on time as they lacked a tracking mechanism. 
  • They also experienced a communication gap with their tenants.

The Solution

Ticketing Module:

With TheHouseMonk’s software residents can directly report maintenance issues and track its status through the app. Mr. Karthik believes that the ticketing module has brought some level of transparency in their operations which in turn has helped in filling the communication gap. Also, tickets are resolved ten times faster than before. Tikaana has been able to streamline its processes to provide faster and better customer service.

Payments Module:

 Mr. Karthik stated that Tikaana tracks all their payments easily with TheHouseMonk’s platform. Adopting TheHouseMonk has helped Tikaana automate and organize their data in one place, even managers can quickly identify opportunities. Besides, TheHouseMonk has provided its residents with the cutting-edge technology they desire, and given property managers more time to focus on creating great customer experiences.

A Personalised software:

Mr. Karthik also mentioned how Tikaana struggled with finding software that suited their business model. For Tikaana, TheHouseMonk has provided efficiency in back-end accounting, and front-house management, and given them an edge in acquisitions. With TheHouseMonk, they can dig deep into the numbers by creating custom dashboards and reports. Various customization options have enabled Tikaana to enhance their overall efficiency and customer

TheHouseMonk has raised $5 Million in Financing from AurumProptech & is geared towards global expansion