Track all movement with a single app

Manage the gate, keep records of visitors, attendance for staff

Contact-less parcel management

Give delivery instructions and verify receipt via the app while keeping track of every package that arrives.

Digital visitor log

From delivery-personnel to guests and friends, keep track of everyone walking through the gate to ensure safety and well-keeping of everyone.

Instant approvals and photo verification of visitors

Keep proper records of visitors and ensure safety by getting pictures clicked upon entry. 

Manage food, e-commerce and other deliveries

Allow tenants to pre-approve arrivals of delivery personnel, e-commerce shippings and parcels, and food delivery services. Track in-time for all arrivals.

Keep track of staff attendance

Skip the register, let your staff log-in every day directly via the portal, and keep track of all data digitally.

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Get your branding in place for an exclusive experience for your customer

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On-demand integration and custom features

Key Wins_Localisation


Multi-lingual, Multi-currency  & tax compliant system is available across the globe

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Endless Support

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