Let your tenants interact with you in a way that works

Raising tickets, making requests, paying bills, all in once place

Integrated payment gateways

Allow customers to make payments like rent, facilities, maintenance, etc. with integrated payment gateways.

Quick reporting, quicker escalation

Allow tenants to raise complaints immediately to the management team for any issues or grievances.

Share, care, and interact

Help residents in the building interact with each other through our communication platform where they can send messages, hold polls, and more

Safer environs with fewer hassles

Allow tenants to pre-invite visitors and guests to let them enter smoothly and seamlessly coordinate with the security team.

Book common facilities to avoid hassles

Tenants can see availability of  playrooms, meeting rooms, or any other common area facilities, and easily book them for use via the app.

Why choose us?

Key Wins when you use TheHouseMonk

Key Wins_White Labeling


Get your branding in place for an exclusive experience for your customer

Key Wins_Customisations


On-demand integration and custom features

Key Wins_Localisation


Multi-lingual, Multi-currency  & tax compliant system is available across the globe

Key Wins_Support

Endless Support

Bots are so 2010’s; talk to a person who will immediately find you solutions

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