The Monk Realty Summit 2020

Ready, Set, REaaS!

Evaluating the Evolution of Real Estate as a Service

02-Sept-2020 to 04-Sept-2020



Advanced Panels


Global Expert Speakers



Event Schedule

02-Sept-2020 to 04-Sept-2020

Emerging asset
classes in REaaS

– Self storage solutions
– Data centres
– Warehouse focused on e-commerce
– Parking spaces
– Senior housing
– Coliving buildings & Student Housing


GMT 6:30 AM
CET 8:30 AM
UAE 10:30 AM
IST 12:00 PM
Singapore 2:30 PM

With Moderator

Founder & MD at TheHouseMonk

From Space
to Experience -
Community Management

– Understanding customer needs across geographies
– Change in customer experience as size increases
– Post pandemic expectations from Real Estate services


GMT 11:30 AM
CET 1:30 PM
UAE 3:30 PM
IST 5:00 PM
Singapore 7:30 PM

With Moderator

Founder & Director at Co-Liv

Technology in REaaS

– How tech works in streamlining operations
– Driving customer experience through technology
– Smart buildings aiding Real Estate as Service


GMT 9:00 AM
CET 11:00 AM
UAE 1:00 PM
IST 2.30 PM
Singapore 5:00 PM

With Moderator

Chief Technical Officer
at Hmlet

Occupier Consulting Group, JLL

Co-Founder of Unissu

Managing Partner at
REACH Australia

Innovation in
Real Estate Marketing
in REaaS

– Difference between selling REaaS vs selling space
– MarTech influences
– Sharing community virtually
– Driving Virality in REaaS marketing


GMT 2:00 PM
CET 4:00 PM
UAE 6:00 PM
IST 7.30 PM
Singapore 10:00 PM

With Moderator

Future of Student Housing

– When are universities likely to reopen?
– How can operators win the confidence of students to come back to their facilities?
– How will e-learning affect student housing?


GMT 9:30 AM
CET 11:30 AM
UAE 1:30 PM
IST 3:00 PM
Singapore 5:30 PM

With Moderator

Founder & CEO at TheHouseMonk

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