Mahaveer Group has over 25 projects delivered so far among which 5 projects consisting of 2000 apartment units in total utilize TheHouseMonk.

Picture of Mahaveer Tranquil in Whitefield, Bangalore

Operations Structure:
Society upkeep and management were done through rudimentary standards such as excel sheets for accounts management and registers for maintenance complaint logs and visitors at the gate. Inspections were done manually by the facility managers at the site.

Pre-Post after implementing TheHouseMonk

Challenges and Solution for Mahaveer Group

Results – Significant savings in resource post implementation of TheHouseMonk

TheHouseMonk facility management module has helped address the problem of over-staffing of technical and housekeeping staff.

Staff members include security, housekeeping, technicians and other staff members across 5 different residential projects
  • The staff are pre-assigned for recurring tasks via the business app which blocks their schedule and gives them an overview of their tasks for the day, facilitating proper utilization of schedules.
  • This has resulted in effective utilization of the staff and has led to a 40% reduction in technical staff and a 20% reduction in housekeeping staff.
  • Post completion of the work, technicians add a picture on the app which reduces the need for inspections by the facility managers from once a day to once a week.

The facility management module also helps in addressing maintenance issues of each apartment unit which were done via phone or email.

Task automation helped facility managers in saving significant effort
  • Complaints can now be registered via the app which immediately alert the facility managers who assign personnel to address the issue.
  • Over 80% of complaints made via phone which were difficult to track are now resolved faster and over 90% of residents have now started using the app to raise tickets which has eliminated their frustration and trouble and made the whole system trackable.
  • Both the facility manager and technical staff have access to TheHouseMonk Business app which enables them to add pictures, discuss and view all tickets in a calendar view.

Manual entry at the gate which was time consuming and inaccurate is now made easier as the security guards use the gate management app to register visitors at the gate.

60% time saved at the gate due to faster visitor validation
  • Visitors are logged in via the app through available categories such as Housekeeping, Delivery, Vendor or Guest which eliminates the task of searching through the bundles of registers.
  • Recurring visitors such as stuff which include technicians, supervisors and housekeeping can also be logged in with one click via the app, which saves time spent by the stuff at the gate. This also tracks their attendance.

In the past, the residents paid via cash, cheque or online transfer after which the transaction ID had to the be E-mailed to the facility manager, who would verify and confirm its success or failure through recurrent calls and E-mails.

This tedious process has become easier because of TheHouseMonk resident’s app through which

  • Payments can be made online and facility managers can send reminders and invoices in bulk with just a click.
  • Over 75% of residents now make payments through their phone via the app and get receipts for the same instantly.

The accounting module in the app outputs standard accounting reports such as journals and balance sheets which eliminate the need of an accountant.


“TheHouseMonk platform has ensured smooth flow of work within all our societies and allows me to view this in real time at the click of a button” Siddanth Salian – Head of Facility Management, Mahaveer Group

“ Staff and security management made easy with lack of human intervention” – Raghavendra – Facility Manager at Mahveer Jonquil.

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