9 Times Faster Rental Payments

140 Units
Managed Successfully

90% on time

10X Faster
Maintenance Resolution

95% Use
tenant-owner portal

“With THM we have data at our fingertips. We are able to let our management team make faster and more efficient decisions “

Mr. Lal Chand Kasturi

Mr. Lal Chand Kasturi

Founder, HappiStay

About HappiStay

HappiStay is a premium coliving company started by Mr. Lal Chand Kasturi in the year 2019. It is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. In just a year, they have managed to successfully expand their business, they also plan on opening their second branch very soon.

The Challenge

  • HappiStay was dependent on multiple tools, they needed a customized software that could suit their business needs
  • They faced communication issues, the team relied on Whatsapp for inspection checks and maintenance requests, which often led to confusion
  • HappiStay lacked the means to track rental payments
  • Invoice generation and keeping track of old invoices was a lengthy process

The Solution

Rent Collection Simplified:

Mr. Lal Chand stated that TheHouseMonk’s online payment portal has been a huge improvement and time-saver for the Happistay team. Giving residents the ability to pay online from anywhere drastically reduces the time required to track down late payments, process checks, and record the transaction. With the help of the TheHouseMonk reminders option, Happistay now receives 90% of its payments on time.

Workforce Efficiency:

Before THM maintenance issues took 3-5 days to be resolved. Now they are resolved within 2-3 hours. They can now respond to and resolve maintenance issues more quickly and have achieved 100% online portal adoption. By eliminating point solutions and having a single software for their business, THM has streamlined their processes.It has freed up their time to focus on in-person connections, and allowed them to create better customer service experiences. A key focus for the company. 


The software which Happistay used before THM was not suitable for their business model. This led them to use multiple different software causing a lot of confusion within the management. THM has now customized services like facility booking specifically for businesses like Happistay. The tenants now find it easier and feasible to book activities from THM app. By automating these tasks for Happistay, THM has given their team more time to focus on creating an excellent customer experience and growing the business.

Safer Environment:

By providing services like visitor and gate management, Happistay can create an atmosphere that is safe and secure for their tenants. Especially during the times of COVID 19, these services were very helpful to keep a track of visitors. Using THM has allowed Happistay to elevate their resident experience by providing excellent customer service

TheHouseMonk has raised $5 Million in Financing from AurumProptech & is geared towards global expansion