100% Growth in Operations

3X Faster

10X Faster
Invoice Processing

8 Times Faster
Ticket Resolution

86% improvement
in workforce efficiency

“We have scaled up our operations for multiple assets and locations with the support of TheHouseMonk. They are our dependable partner, always available instantly for all support related calls. They have helped us be so much more efficient and organized.”

Balaji Parthasarathy

Bright Environment LLC

About Bright Environment

Bright Environment was established in 2013 as a janitorial services company in Dubai, UAE. They gradually grew into a full-scale integrated facility management company (IFM) with offices set up in Bangalore, India & Kigali, Rwanda. They needed a technology that could pave the way for their success and growth by automating their operations.

The Challenge

  • Bright environment lacked the means to track different maintenance activities and record them methodically.
  • Reports regarding tasks such as completed jobs, payments, etc. lacked accuracy and uniformity; therefore, they were not reliable.
  •  They Needed assistance with maintaining the asset register to keep track of all properties under their supervision.

The Solution


Mr. Balaji Parthasarathy explained that TheHouseMonk’s software helped them monitor the entire timeline of a task- from tickets raised to mean resolution time. The technicians on site could upload before and after pictures as proof and even sign a virtual checklist. The engineers in charge could validate it remotely.

The ticketing module helped Bright Environment improve their workforce efficiency. Earlier only 5-10 tickets were resolved in a day, but after automating the process about 30 tickets were resolved every day.

Planned Preventive Maintenance:

With TheHouseMonk’s software, a comprehensive list of assets, their history, and frequency of maintenance could all be recorded at one place. Mr. Parthasarathy believes that scheduling maintenance has now become a hassle-free task as the engineers can be assigned and notified through the system itself.

Moreover, TheHouseMonk ensured that the asset management module, PPM, calendar view, dashboard, reporting system, asset upload, & checklist creation were all customized to suit Bright Environment’s needs.

Accounting & Finance Management:

The Chairman of Bright Environment shared that TheHouseMonk also facilitated their accounting needs by automating the process of sending quotations, LPO, and purchase orders. Systematically recorded data improved the credibility of their company. TheHouseMonk’s software helped them maintain transparency and accountability with the clients. Available statistical data on mean resolution time, staff performance, etc were used as a sales pitch for potential clients. The Accounting data helped them analyze financial transactions and make business decisions accordingly.

TheHouseMonk has raised $5 Million in Financing from AurumProptech & is geared towards global expansion