Effect Of Technology In Real Estate

Technology has been changing how various sectors perform. Here are a few technologies that have been storming the real estate sector.

Climate Affects Real Estate

Climate change has been affecting the various aspects of the earth and real estate sector is also one of them. Read more to know how the real estate is getting affected.

The New Trends In Real Estate

The world has been changing and so is real estate. TheHouseMonk team is presenting you with the recent trends that is taking place in real estate.

6 Ways To Improve Rent From Your Property

If you own a property then you would have given a thought on how to increase rent. TheHouseMonk has listed a few easy methods on how it can be done.

Key benefits of the Budget 2019 for the Real Estate sector

The Union Budget is a statement of estimated receipts and expenditure of the Indian Government for that particular year. This gets released on 1st of Feb every year so that it can be materialised before the commencement of new financial year (1st of April). The Union Budget of 2019 just got released with various updates