5 Best Property Management Tools in 2022

Gone are the days when realtors used to maintain physical records of the properties that they had leased, rented, or sold. The increased prevalence of property management software has streamlined the entire process for both property managers and their clients. However, the current software is outdated and incompatible with the new, cloud-based, internet-connected environment. 2022 could be the year that introduces us to some of the best and cutting-edge features that could reshape the entire experience of tenant management.

Here are five latest PMS integrations you can add to your business to manage all aspects of renting, leasing, or selling a property, including payment processing, repairs, maintenance, occupancy, etc.

1. Channel Manager

Channel management software provides a central dashboard and allows property managers to publish and update their vacant properties across multiple channels. With this unified view, they can continuously manage and scale their business. The channel manager takes away the time-consuming, manual task of promoting a given listing. It does not rely on a single website; instead, it allows exposure to millions of people across multiple platforms. Further, a channel manager avoids the risk of double bookings. For example, if a property gets booked through Airbnb, the exact dates will be blocked on Proptiger and Housing.com as well.

2. Rent Payment Automation

Rent Payment Automation Property management systems like Rentec Direct streamline the rent collection process for all the parties involved. Landlords can save resources and time with the help of automated payments. Even tenants are free from writing out 12 checks per year. Paying rent online also keeps the paperwork to the minimum. Online rent payment systems follow a simple setup process that can be rolled out to the tenants in no time.

3. Book a Virtual Tour

Simple property images don’t cut it in 2022 anymore. They are not life-like and fail to give insights into room dimensions, apartment plans, and furniture arrangements. Property managers can promote their properties via a creative virtual tour of the interiors. Real estate virtual tour software like Matterport.com captures leads by allowing potential tenants to view a space online before visiting in person. This makes the market go global and more accessible to different client groups like tech-savvy millennials.

4. Document Management

Document Management With the influx of contracts, appraisals, loan agreements, rental and tenant information, property management firms sorely felt the need for document management in 2021. High human dependency on documents entails the risk of mistakes and file duplications. The usual bundles of paper cause delays in document processing, misplaced invoices, lack of version control, and difficulty in retrieving valuable information. The pandemic also brought in demand for fewer live person-to-person meetings concerning paperwork. Real estate document management software like Document Logistix acts as a central repository for all digital property records and brings relief with document creation, editing, approval, signing, and storage. You can sort your documents within a few clicks by client name, author, location, date of sale, or whatever other custom field you decide to utilize.

5. Maintenance Ticket Automation

Maintenance Ticket Automation Property owners can now stay ahead of maintenance and repair issues with maintenance automation software like Propertyware. This software provides a central dashboard of repairs, requests, estimates, conversations, and photos in real-time. The landlords get a notification when tenants raise maintenance and repair requests.


Although all the above-mentioned challenges can also be addressed by using several different tools, TheHouseMonk is a one-stop solution for all your problems.This unique platform caters to all five pain points mentioned above and is also integrated with over 50 products that make the Property manager’s job easier.

Irrespective of whether you are a small rental business or a giant in the real estate industry, you can leverage the same technology that a property management system uses to provide an elevated tenant experience If the thought excites you, reach out to The House Monk for these unique integrations to make the entire experience of property management hassle-free for you.

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