Tips to recover maintenance dues from defaulters

Possibly the biggest problem all residential and commercial buildings face is collection of monthly maintenance bill from different residents (both owners and tenants). A recent research conducted by TheHouseMonk has indicated that only 50% of residents make their payments on-time without any reminder – that’s a startling low number and a cause of concern for

Tips to rent out your property faster

Attracting tenants to your property which you have put up for rent depends a lot on a particular rental market. While it is natural that people definitely love a good deal but if you canoffer a discount and some more attractive incentives then you might hit the jackpot. But if you are still wondering about

Managing rental properties in different cities

Client:Mr Laxmi Narayananan NRI who resides in UAE is the owner of 2 residential properties purchased as an investment of which one is located in Bangalore and the other in Chennai. Property Maintenance and Management:Rental management and home maintenance for the 2 houses were done manually through friends or family members at their convenience and




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